In order to configure and run the masternode, you need:

Have 100,000 coins in any wallet (telegram bot are possible, but then only the remaining balance from 100,000 will be paid POS) and 20,000 to pay for a domain name, of which 10,000 are burned and for the second 10,000 a domain name is bought and frozen for 1 year (after a year, if the conditions have not been violated, you can transfer them to yourself).

  1. register on the site (hereinafter referred to as “service masternode”) confirm your mail (if the message did not arrive, check the spam folder). Username and email which you indicated during registration you will still need, this data will need to be entered when installing the masternode on the server. Paragraph. five;
  2. we take the server with the minimum requirements (2 GB memory, 2 CPUs, 40 GB SSD disk)  Ubuntu 18.04 .Based on our experience we recommend a reliable international provider DigitalOcean which works with cryptocurrencies without any problems, if you register using our affiliate link you will receive a bonus of $ 50 for 30 days to your account at DigitalOcean;
  3. Next, at the provider of your choice, create a server, get ip address, download PUTTY, connect
  4. Enter the username: root and the password that to you sent to the mail when creating the VDS (VPS) server! Next, as we opened the command line, we enter in turn
    • adduser hora This will create a new hora user on the server, when creating it, it will ask you to create a password for it, you can enter the same password as when entering the server (so as not to get confused, or come up with a new one, you will always enter it if asked in the console)
    • adduser hora sudo
    • su - hora
    • sudo apt-get -y install git
    • git clone
    • cd masternode_install_scrypt_ubuntu18.10
    • sudo bash
    When asked enter time_zone You can open the link and select the location in which your server is installed. time_zones
  5. When asked to enter a domain name , you need to click create domain in the masternode service. - enter the server IP address

    Then pay 20,000 to the address that the masternode service site will offer (if you are sending from exchanges or other paid ones. Send a couple more coins since when withdrawing a commission there should be at least 20,000)

    After payment, we wait a couple of minutes, we refresh the page, as payment arrives you will receive a domain of the type: lrapr8хххх copy it to the server through putty You domain name…….. : lrapr8ххххх Username: - enter the username that was registered in the masternode service Email same When installing the script on the server, answer all questions: Yes If you successfully copy the password on the screen, you can also see the password in the file with the command:

    nano /home/hora/masternode_install_scrypt_ubuntu18.10/login.txt

And before you create a node in the masternode service, you sometimes need to wait more than 1 hour. While the node is synchronized and reaches the block height, like everyone else, you can see your node on the site Global statistics, the beginning of the name will be your username and the first 5 letters of the domain. after the end the node turns green, and you can create a new masternode in the masternode service Create masternode

Create masternode

Enter the address of your wallet in the address field and it does not matter where it is located. (the balance should always be greater than 100,000, In cases where the balance has dropped below 100,000 coins, the node will automatically completely leave the service and from this 10 thousand frozen funds will burn together with the domain, and you will have to buy a new domain for 10,000) in the second field, enter the PASSWORD and select your domain from the list!

EVERYTHING ! the domain is activated (if you enter the password before the end of synchronization or the wrong address or repeatedly, it will give an error.)